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Remove & Replace Ram Modules

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Now that you have the chassis out and in front of you, make sure your static strap is connected to both you and the metal frame of the chassis. Below, is the description of how to remove and replace both top & bottom RAM modules. If you are only changing the top module, you can skip steps 1 and 2, also steps 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9.

1. Look for the silver cage on the top of the logic board (photo 9). The top is held on by two clips at the side, go ahead and remove the top of the cage and set it to one side.

2. Remove the silver retainer (photo 10) that hold the heatsink in place by unclipping it from the right hand side. Lift off the white Heatsink (photo 11) and put it to one side. Note: For reassembly, note the vertical grove on the Heatsink goes to the left.

3. Look for the white retaining clips on each side of the RAM module (photo 12). These hold it in place. All you need to do is with your fingernail, push these two clips to the sides at the same time. The RAM module should pop-up at the end closest to you. Remove the module by hold it by its edges and lifting it out (photo 13). These modules are very sensitive, handle carefully. I recommend folding a piece of paper around it to protect it from touching anything. Note: If you are replacing the top RAM module only, you can now skip to step 8.

4. Now you need to remove the Processor card (photo 14). This is a delicate step and you need to be careful. Get a small screwdriver and cover the metal end with some tape. At about 3/4 of the way along to the left (photo 14), insert the taped end just under the edge (but not too far under) of the Processor card. Pry up on the Processor card gently at first to see if it will come up. You almost have to tease it out, applying a little bit more force until you see it start to come up. Once it starts to come up, don't apply any more force, just continue to raise it up a little at a time until it pops up. Hold the Processor card by its edges and lift it out.

5. Turn the Processor card over and you will see the bottom side RAM expansion slot (photo 15). If you have never had any RAM installed here before, this slot will be empty, if you have, there will be a module in there. If you are replacing the RAM module that is there, remove it the same way as you did the module on the top side by pushing the clips to the sides and letting the module will pop-up, then remove it.

6. Get the new RAM module that you wish to install in the bottom slot. Notice the module has a gap near the middle of the gold pins, this a locator notch (photo 15) it matches up with a pin in the RAM slot on the Processor card. Insert the module at a 45 degree angle into the slot on the Processor card (photo 16) being careful to first to match up the locator notch with its pin in the slot. Then push down on the high end of the module until it is flat with the processor card and the two white clips clip into place on the sides. If you can get the RAM module down flat but the clips won't lock in, just push the clips to the sides while holding down the module then let them back in again and they should clip and hold the module in place.

7. Take the Processor card and turn it over. The RAM you just installed and the white plugs (photo 16) should be facing down. Insert the tabs on the end of the processor card into the slots on the metal cage (photo17). Lower the front of the processor card down until the two plugs come together. Check to see that they are lined up properly, then push down on the top of the processor card just over the plugs (photo 18) until the card lays flat down.

8. Install the top side RAM module the same way you did on the bottom slot (step 6), by inserting the gold pins of the module into the slot on the top of the Processor card at a 45 degree angle. Then gently push down on the RAM module (photo 19) until it lies flat and the clips on the sides have locked into place.

9. Place the Heatsink back on top of the processor. Insert the silver Heatsink retainer into the slot on the left of the cage. Push down on the other side of the retainer until it clips to the cage. The grove on the Heatsink and the retainer line up as shown in photo 20.

10. Replace the top of the cage. It just clips at the sides.


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